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  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL - You will not find foam eyepads for eyelash extensions like this anywhere currently in the industry! (trust me I've been looking) These pads have been perfectly crafted to fit all eye shapes and suit all skin types - I recommend de-tacking the pads for dry / freshly washed skin


  • LASH LIKE A QUEEN - No more faffing around with pads that lift, seep into the eye, cause eyes to become irritated & red. These pads do not absorb tears, they stick in place, they're extremely comfortable due to the high quality materials used and have been sourced by a professional Lash Artist!


  • MEDICAL GRADE & HYPOALLERGENIC FOAM - Medical Grade Foam is soft and VERY flexible - I do not use white hard foam pads that are stiff, that material is very cheap and it is not suited for the delicate eye area or any part of the skin! Although it sticks well to the skin, it is very uncomfortable for clients, it causes irritation, watery eyes and redness. Which is why I have invested in THE BEST material because I care about you and your clients comfort and quality of service!


  • NO MORE WATERY RED EYES - These *NEW* pads are made from high quality materials, Medical Grade = they have exceeded quality and safety requirements & Hypoallergenic = they have minimal allergens and are very unlikely to cause a reaction, these pads will be a game changer in your lash treatments! This is going to be a time saver and perfect addition to your treatments!


  • PERFECT FOR ALL LEVELS OF LASH ARTISTS - I wish these pads were available when I first started lashing! If you give these pads a try I am almost certain you will find value in them no matter what stage of your lash career you are in. Your clients will love you for it and you will notice a drastic change in the timing of your treatment prep!!

STICKY Foam Eyepads for Eyelash Extensions £13 - £44

£13.00 Regular Price
£11.70Sale Price

  • All shippping is tracked and sent within 1 working day and aims to arrive in 2-3 working days

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