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Dermal Lip Filler

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What is Dermal Lip Filler?

The MakeMePreety, Lip filler treatments uses a smooth gel formula to deliver a natural look and feel to the treated area.  Natural hyaluronic acid biodegradable dermal fillers are used which are specifically developed for the lips and mouth area and produce the most natural, long lasting results.
The skin on your lips is extremely thin, making them particularly vulnerable to ageing.
Our fillers help to fill in vertical lines, ease drooping lip corners and attract and retain moisture to smooth dry, dehydrated lips, also volumising properties to contour your lips and define your cupid’s bow, as well as subtly plump up tired or deflated lips for a natural look.
We only use FDA-approved, naturally biodegradable lip fillers designed with safety and efficacy in mind
The manufacturing process on the fillers used at MakeMePreety is tightly controlled to bring the endotoxin and BDDE (chemical crosslinker) levels below the detection limit. The risk of adverse side effects (allergic reaction, oedema, etc.) are minimized.


Is There a choice of filler?

Natural Dermal Lip Filler

Yes you have a choice of 3 fillers, if you have a particular brand in mind then we are more than happy to accommodate this request for you! Fillers are based on viscoelasticity and long-lasting volume 

Smooth - for clients who would like a very natural look - recommended for first time clients

Define - for clients who want a more defined longer lasting look - recommended for 3rd session onwards

Enrich - for clients who want a firmer lip with long lasting volume - recommended for experienced clients

There is so much bad press about celebrity botched lips and trout pout how do I know everything will be ok?

This is something that Preety is very passionate about, creating a naturally enhanced look, she will never overfill your lips, if we do not need to use all of the product we simply will not use it, I know exactly where to place the filler and my attention to detail is something I pride myself on. I have been highly trained by the top leading trainers, Lipology, all my before and after pictures are unedited. Preety has been praised for her light hands and 'natural' looking results. I will look at your face from every angle to discuss your concerns, I will explain everything in detail and make you feel at ease and relaxed on the day of your treatment. You should expect some swelling and settling for the first 2 weeks of your treatment however if you are not happy with your results after the two weeks the option to dissolve the filler is available! So there is no need to worry about permanent unwanted changes 

Lip Filler Before & After

What should I expect from my Dermal Lip Filler appointment?

Before your treatment we will discuss the amount and type of filler that is right for you. Your lip size, shape and age will all impact what we choose, if it is your first time getting filler I always advise that less is more, we want to build the lips up over time. Once we have completed the consultation we will then apply a topical numbing cream, this will help with the initial injection points however the filler I use has numbing agents inside them so after the first few points the pain will be very minimal, once the procedure is over you will be able to look at your new lips! Swelling and bruising may occur within the first 48 hours, after this you may feel some pressure in the area worked on, you will need to be patient during this time as the filler will be settling, you must allow 2 weeks before they are fully settled, after the two weeks your lips will simply feel like they did before your procedure but they will look naturally and beautifully enhanced! 

How should I prepare for my treatment? 

No heavy exercise 48 hours before or after treatment, no smoking, no caffeine, no alcohol, no ibuprofen, if you suffer with cold sores you must advise us at least a week before your procedure. If you prepare and follow the instructions this will aid a swift procedure, you must ensure you are fit and well and that there is no chance of pregnancy or breastfeeding

Dermal Lip Filler

Dermal Lip Filler 0.5ml 

Dermal Lip Filler 1ml



New Clients  

New Clients 



Add code - "New Client Discount" in message box when booking to receive discount

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