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Outback Organics Face Wax

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How long does a Wax last?

A wax usually lasts 4 - 6 weeks, if you have shaved in between your waxes then you will need to refrain from doing this to ensure your waxes last longer

When is the best time to get a Wax?

Waxing is optimal when the hair is around the length of a grain of rice, I would avoid coming the week before or during your period as your skin is sensitive during this time

How should I prepare for my Wax appointment?

It is advised to arrive freshly washed without any lotion on your skin

What is my Wax aftercare?

Avoid sweating for 24 hours, avoid hot showers or baths, keep the area clean and dry, after 24 hours you can carry on as normal

What makes MakeMePreety's Beauty Treatment Clinic in Uxbridge, Wax service superior to any other salons?

I used to get waxes all the time, every single time they would rip my skin & it would remain sore for days after, when I started carrying out the service I invested in Organic Hot Wax with extensive skin care, the skincare that is applied before during and after your treatment all aids the wax attaching to the hair and not the skin

waxing set up
waxing skincare

What is Opal Hot Peelable Wax?

This wax is set to a lower temperature, the consistency is like honey & it is peelable so does not require strips, when the wax starts to cool on the skin it wraps itself around the hairs, it grips the hairs and shrinks away from the skin!



Upper Lip


Side of face

Nose (Remove blackheads)

Cheek Bone










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