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MakeMePreety PRO Made Volume Eyelash Extensions LARGE TRAY for professionals, speed up your treatment time using our fabulous volume eyelash extensions, we provide a mixture of lengths and diameters in order to keep your clients natural lashes SAFE & HEALTHY

Pro Made Volume Eyelash Extensions | Large Tray | 16 Rows | 320 Fans | 3,5 & 8D

£22.00 Regular Price
£17.00Sale Price
    • LARGE TRAY - 320 HANDMADE FANS per tray! Convenient, saves £ as you won’t need to buy them as often
    • PRO MADE / HAND MADE - All our pro / pre / hand made fans are finished off by hand, you will notice it the more dimension you go up, you will be able to see the bases have been made by hand which means they do not fall apart, they do not weigh down and they are not sticky or have any debris attached to the base like some other brands
    • SKILL LEVEL - ALL skill levels will benefit from MakeMePreety fans that’s why they’re so great!
    • HOW MANY FANS? - 16 LINES AND 320 fans compared to the smaller trays where you get 12 lines and only 120 fans
    • QUALITY - These have been trialed and tested over the duration of 12 months in the UK on real clients, this was the results - Strong curl, long lasting retention, no damage to clients lashes, faster lashing, easy removal, easy placement, retained clients, lots of client feedback saying they were satisfied AND how light the lashes felt - What are you waiting for? Order yours today!
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