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MakeMePreety Cashmere / Flat / Ellipse Individual Eyelash Extensions, wow we can not tell you how pleased we are to bring you this product, being in the lash industry since 2011 and Cashmere Lashes has been our greatest success, we were able to charge more per treatment as the material is SOFT, lightweight yet STILL very dark, we have searched for YEARS for this products and finally the universe sent it to us. We are delighted to share this product with you and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Flat | Cashmere | Ellipse | Eyelash Extensions

    • MATERIAL - SOFT, Flat, Matt, Black - These lashes will be a staple in your lash kit | Client retention on these lashes is outstanding | Lash Retention is also top notch, not many lash techs stock these lashes so stand out from the crowd like we did and purchase yours today!
    • LASH STYLES - These lashes should be used for an Individual set or Hybrid set, these are not volume lashes
    • WHAT CLIENTS CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THESE? - Clients who will KEEP COMING BACK for these are clients who have damaged lashes / thin lashes / mature lashes and clients who can not afford a volume set | These lashes are the most versatile material we have ever come across and can be used on ALL Lash types
    • SKILL LEVEL - ALL levels will benefit from using these lashes ESPECIALLY beginners, the lashes are flat so they actually slide onto the lash so easily, it helps with placement and direction, Preety is a skilled Lash Tech however still LOVES these extensions as they helped her at the beginning of her career - We want your treatments to go smoothly and the less stress the better! All our products AID for a seamless treatment for YOU and your client
    • FINALLY - We only stock 0.20, with this type of material we chose 0.20 based on the final look of a full set and years of clients coming back with HEALTHY natural lashes, we found the 0.15 good however the final look of a full set was slightly under whelming, we might bring them in if you request for them in the reviews however we think you will love the 0.20s!
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