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Diamond Strong Black Eyelash Glue Adhesive for professional eyelash technicians - These glues have been created by MakeMePreety, I created these glues for you because no matter what glue I used there was ALWAYS a problem with retention, workabilty and stickies. UK weather is unpredictable don’t let your lash glue be BUY MakeMePreety Lash Glue Adhesive today!

Diamond Strong Black Eyelash Glue Adhesive | 0.5s Setting Time

£25.00 Regular Price
£15.00Sale Price
    • SKILL LEVEL - Three Glue Types For Professional Lash Technicions of ALL Levels | Choose your glue of choice based on your level of skill
    • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY PROOF - Enjoy Stress Free Lash Application In Your Salon | This is one of the only glues available that does not have dramatic reactions to change in room temperature and humidity
    • RED & WATERY EYES - 100% of our buyers have said they see a huge improvement in red eyes / watery eyes | This glue is low fume
    • WHAT GLUE SHOULD I CHOOSE? - Diamond is for masters and is a black glue | Silver Star is for ALL Levels and is a black glue | Unicorn is a CLEAR glue and is for ALL Levels
    • TRUST - ALL Adhesives have been trialled and tested in the UK over the course of 12 months on real clients - RESULTS - Longer retention, Zero red eyes, Zero watery eyes, Firmer grip on the natural lash, Dries matt which means no extensions flicking off
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