Semi Permanent Make-Up 

All treatments are carried out to a professional high standard with exceptional products, equipment and service also at very competitive prices.

20% Surcharge for all Central London and surrounding areas 

How stunningly natural are these brows.j

Digital brows are suitable for more skin types and with the greatest longevity / colour retention whilst still achieving a super fine realistic finish


(Includes 6 week top-up)

Digital Hairstroke Brows - 3 hours

This procedure lasts 12-18 months, my SP

For this treatment I use a NANO needle so you get more of a Microbladed Brow, , this is for clients who want a very natural look, perfect for ALL skin types


(Includes 6 week top-up)

(Natural) Digital Hairstroke Brows - 3 hours

With this procedure your Lips look luscious with or without makeup, perfect the shape and symmetry, smudge and lick proof, no need to reapply, you can retain a natural youthful look.


(Includes 6 week top-up)

Lip Line and Blush- 3 hours


Eyeliner will help change the shape of your eyes, eyeliner can be tricky to apply so for a simple long lasting solution permanent eyeliner will help. This is a simple treatment that involves adding a fine line to the top or bottom lashes.


(Includes 6 week top-up)

Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement - 1.30 hours

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