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Digital brows are suitable for more skin types and with the greatest longevity / colour retention whilst still achieving a super fine realistic finish
Digital Hairstroke Brows
3 hr
These look more like Microbladed Eyebrows, a thinner needle is used, this is for clients who want a very natural look, perfect for dry, mature and sensitive skin types, n...
(Natural) Digital Hairstroke Brows
3 hr
Eyeliner will help change the shape of your eyes, eyeliner can be tricky to apply so for a simple long lasting solution permanent eyeliner will help. This is a simple tre...
Eyeliner (Eyelash Enhancement)
1 hr 30 min
With this procedure your Lips look luscious with or without makeup, perfect the shape and symmetry, smudge and lick proof, no need to reapply, you can retain a natural yo...
Lip Line and Blush
3 hr